Current Issue: Volume 14, Issue 2 - Serial Number 27, June 2021, Pages 1-49 

Effect of Particle Size Distribution and Confining Pressure on Monotonic Behaviors in Large Triaxial Tests

Pages 1-9

Ata Aghaei Araei; Farzin Kalantari; Abbas Ghalandarzadeh; Habib Shahnazari; Nahid Attarchian; Iraj Rahmani; Amirsaeid Salamat

Optimization of a Part of Tehran Water Supply Network by Non-Linear Programming Method and its Effect on Leakage Minimization as an Effective Factor in Urban Management

Pages 25-31

Alireza Shahhosseini; Mohsen Najarchi; Mohammad Mahdi Najafizadeh; Seyyed Mohammad Mirhosseini Hezaveh; Ehsanollah Zeighami

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