Reinforcement open foot double columns of existing buildings using by concrete in the central cavity

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1 Earthquake Department

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Examinations of steel buildings damaged due to their vicinity to excavation operations, earthquakes, etc. reflect deficits in load-bearing capacity of columns, which are caused by factors such as changes in codes, negligence in preliminary designs, operational weaknesses, changes in distribution of forces, etc. It should be noted that re-analysis of structures and obligatory reinforcement of columns and other structural members are necessary to eliminate these deficits and prepare structures for continued operation. Although there are several methods for reinforcement of column elements such placement of stronger steel sections or changes in acting forces, one of the most economic yet simplest methods for this purpose involves use of concrete and steel composite sections.
The present research was an attempt to examine the load-bearing capacity and deformability of reinforced-concrete steel sections. Results indicated that concrete-filled battened columns display elastic behavior before they fail. These columns demonstrate a considerable increase in load-bearing capacity within the elastic range as compared to battened columns without concrete. Presence of concrete in the middle core of columns reduces stress on parallel tie plates in the longitudinal center of columns, which reflects reinforcement or increased load-bearing capacity of concrete-filled battened columns.


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