Compare examples functional requirements of industrial technology building from an architectural perspective

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Growing needs for housing in Iran, have prioritized mass housing construction projects to be used by various social groups، especially the low income class. Speed and reduced cost of housing construction and tendency toward strengthening and making buildings light، requires application of modern systems and technologies as well as Industrial housing construction policy in the country's society. However، despite the positive points associated with it، industrialization should be able to form in harmony with the natural environment، climate conditions، sustainable architectural values and indigenous housing patterns. It should also enjoy sufficient flexibility in design and construction and be capable of coordination with the condition of the area. Industrial production of building and its components affects all areas in science as related to the building; it should therefore take shape in continuation of common construction traditions in order to be employed in a suitable pattern. This attitude gains more importance when architecture is involved with industrial production process. Effective measures for optimal building system, specially for mass housing construction projects, are as follows. the following three principal basics are addressed:
 Various types of residential complexes considering form and function
 Expected operability in construction and application
 Components providing for environmental comfort conditions in residential complexes
The most important components to provide environmental comfort conditions in residential complexes include: Heat and cold، acoustics، fire and insect resistance - Fungi and so on.


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